Our Shared Activity

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This is the sketch of my son, drawing nyan cat


Want to know nyan cat? Check this site : http://www.nyan.cat

Nyan cat with all the flavour! 😀



And this is the nyan cat that’s being drew by my son



Another one, with stories :

As far as I know. The villagers (from minecraft) seems beheaded (ow!) and the head is fall off the ground. Here comes the nyan cat, I think he wants to eat the head…

Scary story, really…



While my son creates the stories, I was drawing my cat, Mochi. Greetings by Mochi!


This is our shared activity this morning. It’s a lot of fun, until I decided to post this and spoil all fun! Hehe…

I think it’s better we get back to our activity again 🙂


See you, all!



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