Xbox 360 Intel Inside

xbox 360: huh did i see him? xbox 360: no! i must find him


nyan cats friends: hello there! whats your name?

coolxbox360: oh! who are you!
intel: hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! there happy nyan cats! i hate them!

once a upon time there nyan cats wants show them know her name, intel is not sad hes disapointed

intel: := hmmm…

, intel wants to go back home

intel: its late i wanna go home now

now whens day its november chicken: kekeriukuk

ahhhhh today is gonna be great day

,intel is playing PsP now

no dieying me! no dieying me! i whil fire you. and. faaaallll!!!!!!!

the end intel: what? the lights are off coolxbox360: yes! intel: i dont like this dark! coolxbox360: oh my goshhhhh


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