Windows XP Login, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 7 Login.

******************************************************************* whoa. whoa slow down ……? sorry! >< just kidding! hello guys welcome to blue screen of login. no was applications now not responding now heres another windows! windows nt 4.0 then hqdefaultheres another kind of windows, Windows ME no tiny mousk is coolwindows-7-post-login-welcome-56a6f8b65f9b58b7d0e5c101 (1)and heres many kind of …………? why is welcome again! sound:’because windows 7 wants you to login’: ……….? fine 🙂 thanks for reading the blog i know whats good about windows bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀hqdefault (1).jpg4unUyf.gifBSOD-windows-7.png


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