Raging sea

For the Sea, For the Men

The ship is floating calmly. Through the wavy stream of dark blue sea. The jewels shine brightly, flared through the invisible molecules of air. It was beautiful. It was more than beautiful.

“Sail!” cried one of the crews. Few of other came down to the deck, reach the edge of the end one. Three big men, together they pull the steel anchor so heavy. If you watch them closely, you can feel the muscles came out, as if they will explode in any minute. Their crystal salty sweat running along their tough jaws.

It was an awfully heavy duty. You can’t guess it from their big smiles, though. Always, they looked happy. Every moment, they looked satisfied.

So, what a sailor without a beer?

Every night, they will gather around in one long table, laughing, making a joke, sometimes one silly joke that made them fight in the end of the day. Tonight, there’s no different from the other nights. Their smiles become wider and wider as the gold liquid running down their throat. Brings the ultimate happiness no one couldn’t possibly understand.

“Puh!” sighed the biggest man of all, gleamed by fulfilling desire. He can’t meet his lady until the next three months, he decided to be satisfied only with beer. Maybe also a lovely tramp in the next harbor they’ll visit. Maybe.

“Are you ready to be smashed by big waves, fellas?” He utters nonsense, but no one really cares. The calm night is the beer night. The calm night is the least sensible night. Only joy, no overthinking silly small things that hinders their only amusement at sea.

“Don’t say such a foul things, Big Bob! Bring a bad luck!” protest the other big guy, only by the width of his body.

“Scaredy-cat!” cried Big Bob, but then he bursts out a laughter. No fight tonight, he decided, no hard feelings whatsoever. It’s only the first night. For the next three months they are stuck to each other. Good feeling or not, they must deal with it.

There’s this new guy. He’s skinny, just like any other guy who deal with the ship and the sea for the first time. They are always skinny to begin with, then they just grow bigger as they face the unforgiving challenge at sea.

And, he’s nerdy. The glasses surely makes him look smart and important, his shirt is buttoned up nicely. Just like the bureaucrats he hates. Big Bob stared at him. He, who focuses his eyes down to the notebook. What is the use of the notebook at sea anyway, Big Bob can never understand.

He stared, but doesn’t get any respond, while he’s sure that the boy feels the eyes that pierce every inch of his body. “Hey, little fella! What’re you doing down there?!” The little skinny boy do sit quietly in the corner of the barrack. Hopes to stay unnoticed.

Big Bob kinda surprised when the boy lifts up his head. He thought he would see a pair of submissive eyes, maybe, really maybe, a scared ones. Instead, the boy stares back at him so fiercely. The dark stone inside his eyelid just stand still. Funny, he just can’t fight those eyes.

The boy resigns his eyes, focusing them to the notebook again. His finger pins one pencil, which dancing around in the rhyme of the skinny bony fingers. One young sailor, only a bit older than he is, sneaks out behind him. Without any warning, he quickly snatches the notebook. One, he seems shining with victory, one minute away, he can only frowns.

“What is this?” his hand stretch out to show the notebook. Only a scrape of many confusing lines. Big Bob observes the silly meaningless lines, then observes the thin expression by the overly thin boy.

He doesn’t get mad, only spying the situation with his dull eyes. Then, with a pair of thin lips, he grumbles, “you can give it back if you are satisfied.”

The young sailor lift his shoulder, “nothing’s interesting anyway. What a foolish drawing.” He throws the notebook to his face, smacking it. The thin boy looks disgusted, but nothing more.

His dark stone is a endless cave Big Bob will never understand.

…….to be continued



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