Battlefield of Women



Trains at work hours are crazy. Then, the government company adds fire into it. That’s what we, Indonesians, called KKW. Kereta Khusus Wanita or female-only section in the train. The main reason was right, but it appears gathering women in one place is approved science of mistakes.

Lily never knew this one day will be hell out of a day. There she stands up in the train platform, as usual. Listening to music from her smartphone, just as another day. And just as every single day, she commutes from home to work in the KKW.

Her reason is pure and clear, she just doesn’t want to be harassed by some stupid horny guys who don’t even know how to push their social activities with other women. Total pathetic. They can’t get laid, then they feel it’s just right to splash his sperm to any woman’s butt. I mean, they might not even see the woman’s face.

And guess what, it’s exactly another reason to blame onto woman’s outfit. They actually decide to choose what women should wear and let the harassers excuse themselves of behaving like an animal.

You see, the solution doesn’t come up very nicely, but it appears to be the only solution. Instead of taking serious act to the harassing case, and teach men to disclose their desire into another healthy activities, something that doesn’t need to humiliate women or send women into the cage of decided outfit, they came up with this, KKW.

And other people, who don’t know what to do, just blurt out another impossible solution; whole women should go to KKW. To your information, there’s only 2 KKWs’ coaches of total 12 coaches in the whole train. And the women passengers of train like about 50% or more of the total passengers. In short, quite a number.

That’s what Lily had to face every single day. Whole bunch of stress and anxious women is definitely not a good sign. It’s not even a sign anymore, she already proves it. Every day! Lily watches almost each of them hurriedly goes into the front line of the queue, like a soldier prepares in the avant garde of war.

Well, she must be prepared, too.

First, she takes off the earphone, she doesn’t want it to be ruined, honestly. She puts her backpack to the front side of her body. Oh, this gonna be tough. She lashes out a big sigh, pull herself together. Here comes the train, here comes the second-hand Japanese train rolling down in the Indonesian railway in 2017.

The train is coming. Slowing down to the very front edge of the platform. Lily starts to push her way into the front line, but no luck. Instead, she gets a mean glare of few women in her way.

Oh, she would never try to get on fight with one of these women.

Train stops!

The screaming and yelling starts to swell up the air of train station.

“Awas! (1)”

“Hati-hati, dong! (2)”

“Ini ngapain, sih?! Cepetan masuk! (3)”

Lily shuts up her mouth, instead. It would be nonsense to argue in this kind of situation, but some women just can’t help it. Too much energy sends in their mouth’s nervous system, she guess.

She pushes more, it takes a lot of energy and motivation drive to actually accomplish a challenge so early in the morning, but she got to. She doesn’t want to be late for work. Why didn’t she just choose the cab, you say? It’s the beauty of living in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The centralization of citizen has gone up to the very next level. Everyone thinks the same way, Jakarta is the only way of getting money for living. It means traffic everywhere you lay your eyes down.

It’s either not an option or a very bad option.

Someone pushes Lily. She staggers, loses balance for a while. But, she’s okay. It’s just the first stage of losing humanity phenomenon. She just has to step back in. “Stay put!” someone shouts and smack one of her eye with an elbow. Lily gasped. She felt dizzy and her left eyes feel burning.

Groaning hurtfully, she press her eye with her both hands. Does anyone feel sorry? Maybe, someone feels it, but definitely never helps her. Instead, this seems one of the chance to get rid one of the competitors. Lily can’t think of anything anymore and just let her body being pushed around.

She falls down right when the train’s door closes. As the train moves forward, she feels that the time has stopped just a minute or so. And she actually thinks it’s pretty nice.

Few women who choose not to get into the battle, approaching her and sends the words of sympathy. She smiles and said she’s okay, because you know, what is her choice? Bitching out to the innocent people? Well, not her way of life.

She stands up. The railway extending across the rocky road seems distant. And the exit gate up-close seems warm and comforting, whispering the soft voice to come home into the her safest sanctuary. What should she do now after she loses the battle?

One by one, people start to come and fill the train platform. It’s as if the former train never comes through the station. Lily stares each of them blankly. It’s another battle coming. Should be she in or out?

Notes :

(1) Watch out!

(2) Be careful, you!

(3) What are you doing?! Hurry up, get in!


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