Happy New Year and Happy Everywhere, Everywhen


The street in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia, after a new year celebration. Many cars pass by, but not at heavy traffic. No more fireworks. No wonder, it’s like the edge of the urban life that are in his way to be a developing city.


Happy new year!

Why happy? We can start a very lousy or miserable new year, but everyone chose the words.

A simple reason we all, I’m sure, already know, but maybe already forget why. I just read something stunning about our body. Dopamine. A neurotransmitter who makes us happy, in short.

No worries! I won’t make you bored with Dopamine 101 or whatsoever, just want to let you know that everyday situation we already used to, doesn’t release dopamine again.

Why, of course, you might think! But, the problem is the water from our faucet at home can cause of dopamine release on some people who might not have the easy way as we do everyday.

Like, Palestine which the clean water supply has been cut out by Israel, will be very happy when clean water come out from their faucets. Meaning, the brain has released dopamine. But, we’ll never think it matters anymore, and get upset easily if the faucet is stuck even only for one hour or even less.

That’s something we see everyday until it lost its real meaning. That our life actually is very easy, guys!

And a “Happy New Year” is one of the things we forgot. I might not know well, but I’m sure back then people said it to have a wish, a pray they whisper everyday because the past year hadn’t been very good.

Now, it seems just a word. A praying along with the words, seems more like a formality. At least, maybe I’m the only one who feels so.

There are a bigger meaning about those positive remarks. Not only because it’s a praying, but also because the words are suggestive. Those positive words will make us hope for a real happy year. Not expectation, fellas, because expectation holds a very selfish and too concrete an idea that it will be easily distract us from reality.

I think I did talk about hope and expectation in my blog before. Yes! Click this link please.

All in all, “Happy New Year” is not merely words, but a believe that a happy new year will come. And believe it or not, those kinds of thoughts will help increasing our confidence, to ourselves, to others, to surrounds.

And you always know those confidences can make us doing our activity better, be more determined in every thing we do, and our confidence will show itself in the result. I’m ensure you it way better that the usual before.


Happy new year!
Happy new year!
Happy new year again!


Regards from Indonesia from Cikarang, West Java, 01.37 WIB*


WIB : Waktu Indonesia Barat


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