Looking Back

Been only two days.

Time, I talk many times about time. My mysterious fellow, unforgiving-straightforward foe. How do you live knowing you never stop even to glance at another things around you, huh, time?

I’m so different from you. I looked back a lot, of course, I never stayed in those shadows that cannot be touched anymore. But, I love rowing back on the river of past, just to have fun, or analyzing lesson I knew I’d learned.

The year of 2017 had been great! Surely I faced the ups and downs, we’re talking about bipolar tendency here, the personality that can’t be consistent. I’ve struggled a lot about this, but 2017 present all better for me. I mean, that’s the only way you can survive in all uncertainties, just be positive and, sometime, forgive yourself.

What I mean with forgive yourself is evaluating the bad decisions that you made, and turn it into the good one. How you can turn those over? By being better everyday and make it a lesson.

Like what I did during 2017 with this blog, I’ve been very inconsistent in writing here. But, instead of regretting that, I chose the other way. Instead of letting my blog empty because I don’t have any inspiration for assembling the stories yet, I put some random thoughts like this and posting my finished work.

Ah, I’m rambling! Please share with me what lesson you learned during 2017, and we can discuss it together! 😉


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