Things changed. Human grows up. So were me. Every detail of this blog remind me of the growing mind and heart I came through. Not a change, really. I doubt that someone can be really changed, but we all grow up.

Now, welcome the new me, through the new kind of blog! The old posts will be always there. They will always remind me how I used to be, and you, if you care to read this blog, you can take a little peek, too. Don’t be afraid to grow up, you’ll learn something great!

Now, I’m Indonesian. I chose English, so I can practice my English, and brought my blog into the broader view, too. Duh! 😀

Maybe, once in a while, I will write something in dual language, so people all over the world can see what Indonesia, too. So, they can study my beautiful country, too. And, hopefully, I can interact with many people of the whole world. It would be nice to learn many things, through my little sanctuary.

Enjoy reading, readers!


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