New Project

All of sudden, I thought about making my blog in English. Don’t get me wrong, I love Indonesia, but I need to practice. So, here it comes the new project!

My target now is not only writing in English, but also absorbs every little detail in my life, and put it into the new – I hope – interesting stories.

It doesn’t have to be a big stories. Every single little thing can be interesting in our life, you see. Lastly, many people begin to interest in adventure. I mean, a real one, like hiking in the mountain, crossing the river, all about nature. And you know what, I love to taste those, too.

And here comes the reality. I don’t really like to pack in and out my clothes. I’ve got little family that don’t like them, too. So all in all, I’ve chosen to be here, stay behind my sanctuary. Pathetic, huh? However, I don’t want to make them boring.

I have my pen and paper (I mean, it’s Microsoft Word, keyboard, blogging, but it doesn’t sound romantic, right? Haha…), so here we go! Going into the new adventure of writing! (I still hope I can camping in the forest and hopping island, though, wish me luck!)

This morning, I’ve got a special thing going on. The sound of my neighbor sweeping the path in front of my house and the rooster calling every sleepyhead to get up. Really from the top of his lung, it’s really loud! (It’s common, but when you are especially ecstatic, it can feel really special)

I hope anyone who reads this blog would tell me whether what I write, based on the little thing in my life, is really interesting or boring. It would help me a lot in my new adventure, you know? 😉

Enjoy reading!


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