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When I’m Feeling Jealous

This is one of the book that Tombo’s already finished. He’s supposed to be the one who’s writing the resume, but I guess let’s skip it for now!


Author : Trace Moroney

Publisher : Bonnier Publisher

Publishing Year : 2013


Now, for this extra… Children’s book, I want to write in English. Well, only because the book is established in English language. Hope I can pull it off well. If not, please excuse me, because English is not really my native language.

I want to especially make this section because there’s a pile of good children’s book in front of me right now. And it’s really poking me, I can definitely hear them calling me, begging me to be resumed… How can I resist that, duh?!

Now, it’s the book about jealousy. I kinda amazed because usually, the feeling like that usually being considered bad in Indonesia (I don’t know about Western People, though). And adults don’t like the children to feel that. Furthermore, they will oppose their children to even read about it because they think it can effect their mind. But, what can one do about feelings? I bet adults have this sort of feeling, too. And it’s really matter to know something if you want to overcome it.

So, the writer is Trace Moroney. I honestly don’t know about the author, nor whether she/he (I have the feeling that it’s a she, but no one can really know before they meet the person itself, right?) is famous writer or not. I just know, the book is great. It exactly shows you what jealousy is.

If you want to know the author, just visit her site here. Just click it, it’s easy, kids!


photo (2)The metaphor is good, too. There’s one quote in this book about jealousy; “When I’m feeling jealous I feel like a big, green, grouchy monster. I see the things others have and want to have them all to myself.” You can really relate, right? Adults, be honest! Me, honest! 😀

There are few symptoms of the jealousy feeling in this book also. And every single time, spot on! And the writer told the children too, how to overcome the jealousy. It’s certainly an awful feeling, but remember, it’s there and it’s true. I’m a little bit disappointed by the fact that the author isn’t exactly underline that the feeling is pretty normal, but she told you what you can do to overcome such feeling.

So, never afraid of such feeling, it’s normal, kids! The most important thing is how to make the feeling go away, because it will make you upset!

And to top of that, I like the visualization. The character is being visualized as rabbit and who doesn’t like rabbit?! It’s so cute. What I like about Western children’s book is the picture they represented. It’s unique in every different book. Sometime, the writers don’t especially make it very neat or aesthetically beautiful, but it felt close to you. Because it’s for children, the warm and welcoming picture, easy-looking too, of course make the book become the apple of one’s eye!


photo (1)


Even though the children like it simple, I bet the illustrator will never think that visualization of a character is easy. Because you need to create the strong, unique character, otherwise it’s not gonna interesting at all. Children maybe simply pleased, but not that easy to be pleased. They knew what’s interesting and what’s not! Don’t underestimate them!

I strongly recommended this book, not really every day that you find the book about awful feelings!