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This is the logo of my site of hell 😀

I can’t believe that managing one site can be very stressful! But, it definitely makes me learn so many new things. And I think I wanna share it with you, guys! Well, to get one domain isn’t really hard. All you have to do is contact any hosting service that provides domain site. You pay, and there you are! It’s all yours!

I’m blogging for the long time, but I only manage free blog, so I got totally no clue about having a domain and manage them. I once thought that how hard can it be? I bet it’s just the same with managing the free one.

Actually, if you got the same CMS as you do when you free-blogging, it’s not gonna be that different. Unless, in the free-blogging, they already fill your canvas with some automatic facility that you can use automatically (please, I’m such a dork! L.O.L). In your own domain, you are totally got a blank canvas.

Which means good and bad at the same time. Good, you can fill them up with anything you want. Bad, you must carefully choose the facility that you think you need. There is no practical providing anymore!

I feel kinda naive (okay, you can tell me that I’m stupid!) when I think it will go the same exact way. I don’t know whether it applies to any other free-blogs, but in my free blog, there is one plugin installed, which is Jetpack. It kinda smooths my way whenever I’m blogging and I don’t even have to do anything else (I don’t know whether it’s my another naive-power) to spice it up. But, in paid domain, apparently I don’t even have it.

Then, here goes some beginner’s pack that I think we must have. So far, I’ve got few…

1. C-panel

When we pay our domain, of course c-panel comes along with it. What I want to say is we gotta understand about how c-panel works. I have a little silly story. When I got my domain site, I’m confused because nothing comes out. Here’s what it looked like :

Screenshot (41)
When I saw this, my inner thought said, Nooo!!!

It’s a good reason to be panicked, is not? Well, I gotta be honest, I was panicking a little bit and contact the hosting provider right away. Apparently, I must download the CMS first, then set it up. After that, the blank canvas of my domain site opened.

As I got further with my site, I just learned that c-panel is everything. And I think I still learn it about 10% of its performance. Good grieves! Long way to the end of the rainbow!

2. Plugin

Duh! It’s a must-have!

Plugin really simplifies our life as site manager, thanks God for technology. Now, there are generous people (let’s skip the premium facility that drools us, but we gotta pay for it) who even simplify the building of our page. I use Elementor, by the way. It’s not perfect if we’re using the free one, but I think it’s more than enough to make our site looks cool (in my case, look cute). You can do everything with many plugins, but you still have to work to learn it.

It’s alright, we have another technology that full of knowledge. You tube, what else? I mean, it’s video, so you can really look up the tutorial. But, another texting tutorial can be helpful, too. Also, thanks God for bright and generous people.

Screenshot (43)
Here’s the home page of Kiddy Reader. I’m building it with Elementor only.

Not really professional-looking, but I do want it to be homey and childish, so it can be comfort for children who read this site, too. Don’t forget visit my site, okay? Just click here: Kiddy Reader

3.  Contents

When I decided to finally have my own site, I think about some money I must pay. Well, it’s not much, but I can’t just waste money! Besides, I bet people will want to ask some more when they see the site with paid domain, it’s not that it has to be more important than free domain, but who wants to pay some money only to use it carelessly? I won’t, at least! And I don’t want to let anyone down (of course, after I got some traffics :p ), so I already prepared the contents months ahead, so when I already published my site, I will come nice and prepared for at least antother few weeks.

Another reason, because I’m moody and can’t work properly under pressure, so I need to prepare something like contents, so I can update my site every day. Even only one post for one day. I must really work on my mood performance, though! ^^;

Now, where am I? Stuck between two writing media. Only two, and I already fall behind in managing these. I’m definitely gonna work this somehow, hope I can gain more traffic than today.

Thanks to all of you who are willingly to follow me and to all of you who are willingly to read my blog! You’re the best!

p.s. I really need anyone who reads it can leave comment of anything else that we must understand when we begin our life as a site manager, I’m not even sure I got any term that I mentioned earlier is the right term. Oh, well! 😀



How Long I Abandoned My Own Ship?


We can’t possibly be a good captain of the ship, if we always abandon the ship. This, at least I understand. Managing time, but especially managing the mood and inspiration, is the hardest part of writing activity.

You can stare the blank page of the paper (I’m really reluctant to mention Microsoft Word, which is the program I used to write, because it’s not romantic at all) for hours, nothing came out. Maybe you can force it, just to see your ship started to sink into the deep dark pit of a mess. Messy writing is the worst of all, although I still like to pull them through. I just want my blog to be filled with something, please don’t judge me!

But, lately, I did it again, I abandoned my own ship. I hope there are people who will be willingly read my blog, but it’s impossible if I updated it too long. As if the captain is lazing around, let the ship go really slow. No one can handle that, I can’t, at least!

I have one big rational reason for this. Lately, I’m busy preparing my website, please visit me here, too. If you care to know, just click this image, you will be directed to my new website right away!

Kiddy Reader Logo

It’s new, I bet it’s a little bit rough. It’s not an excuse, just me stating the facts. Hehe. Okay, I tried to find any excuse, big fails!

I will explain a tiny bit about this site. It’s for children mostly, the content is children-friendly-something, but it’s actually very useful for the Moms and Dads in selecting books to read for their children. Yep, it’s a site contains reviews of children’s book. Also, I put the special page for children representing their creativity. I really want the children to have fun in my site!

And, of course, for anyone who loves to read children’s books, I’m inviting you to review your own choice of book. There is the free page for guests, too. In case you have an urge to write your own reviews. Or maybe for parents who just find the great book for the children and wanna share to the other children all over the world, I am welcoming you to write!

Well, back to the topic. The abandonment is really have a good reason, right? I hope you think it is. And if you don’t, you may silent forever. L.O.L

Now, I’m back to the game. Hopefully, with a big steel anchor of powerful wills and a giant whirling propeller to drive me further, I will be able to handle few blogs in one go. Yes, I know, hope will never be enough without the actual action.

So, here we go!