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You are there
At me lurking as you are
You stay ere
And be standing still more
Part of me you become
Past of you I bedone
Touch you I dare not
Still, to you I long
Oh stain
Grew inside down beneath
Oh disdain
Glow of me beseech
At the far
Clocks tick fast
As they scar
Crowds seek comrades
All but one
You are there
Smirking with lips that are bare
You stay ere
Still you haunt till I scatter
You are none
But me
Depok, 16 December 2017

Then Comes Rain


Gambar diambil dari http://www.freepik.com

Then Comes Rain

It poured down

From the beginning of dawn

And oh, so faces in town

Got so much to own

Then comes the rain

In our land its stain

The blackness of pain

To the purity of mind

So long it goes

To the end of rainbow