Tombo’s Corner

So, my son is homeschooled.

In short, I allowed him to post things he like in this blog, so he can learn to be a blogger. It’s not that I intend to direct him this way, only to experience many things, especially to get the best part of the internet. Internet can be the best place to learn many things, new places, all the cultures and knowledge, if you carefully selective of the things you read.

Now, please read and comment, too, if you are interested. I will get you to him directly, so you can interact with my little son. In this year, 2017, he’s only 6 years-old, though, but I guess, age really doesn’t matter. What matters to me, he learned!

Of course, reading and writing is the most. Because of anything that we did, any profession that we took, it will always involve those two things. Well, counting, too. But, we always have calculator and Microsoft Excel, right? 😉

So, young readers, please come and see Tombo’s Corner!


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